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Zimmerman & Co. is a premier residential builder specializing in high-end and meticulously crafted homes. Whatever your project's special needs, we strive to provide the most complete, honest and professional service possible while we walk you through the complex process of turning your vision in to a reality. From permitting through completion of construction and final inspection, Zimmerman & Co. is committed to being your project partner.

I was born and raised here in Santa Barbara and I never plan to leave. I love this community and the people in it. I recognize and appreciate the importance of having an honest reputation in a small town such as Santa Barbara. I come from a long line of builders and architects so I guess you could say “it’s in my DNA” Even my last name derives from the German word “carpenter”. My father was an architect in Santa Barbara for nearly 50 years. Growing up at home we were constantly renovating and updating our family home where I got my first lessons in residential construction.  By my teens I was working on construction crews during the summer and I have worked my way up since. I feel that because I have worked in all aspects of the field, from trenching, demo, concrete, framing, to finish work I have a unique knowledge in this industry. I take pride in my background and my company’s work. 

The relationships we have built over the years not only with our clients, but the trades people, vendors, design professionals and building officials are the key to our longevity and success in town. We believe that this along with open and clear communication brings success to all of our projects.

Brian Zimmerman, CEO
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